About Us


The journal initially began as an idea in early September 2014 and quickly developed with the grateful help of a number of university staff, in particular Professor Richard Burns, Dr Eva-Marie Seeto, and Seci Tuiwai, the then treasurer of the USC Student Guild, and Corey Collins from Student Life and Learning. Several weeks went by while funding from the Student Guild was secured, submissions and volunteer editors were found, until we finally went from an idea to a tangible venture. After that the two founders fought, wrestled and beat website coding over the head until it surrendered and coughed up a website which was substantially improved by Alayna Cole during her tenure as Chief Editor.

Our Aims

The journal has two aims:

  • To provide experience for students and fledging academics with academic publishing so as to get them used to the rigors of submitting academic articles for professional publication.
  • To create a collection of works of excellence created by students from a variety of courses in the Faculty of Arts and Business at the University of the Sunshine Coast to provide examples for students, a resource for lecturers and a location to showcase their students’ best works.