Articles by Topic


A Report on the Interpersonal Communication Skills of Listening, Questioning and Feedback Related to Labratory Technicians by Mitchell Westlake for COR109 Communication and Thought.


Creative Writing

Critical Reflection on the Creation of an Interpretive Text in Illustrated Books by Lachlan Haycock for CMN247: Creative Writing for the Illustrated Book.

How Post Modernist Authors Destabilise Linear Narrative by Utilising Metafictional Techniques y Tahlia Kertesz for CMN260: Novel Ideas.

Narrative Voice in First Person Narratives by Mark Attwood for CMN 267: Creativity and Literature: Victorians to Moderns.

The Purpose of an Alternate Reality in Rowling and Carroll by Jade Dor for CMN246: Writing for Children and Young Adults. 

Identity, Contradictions and Transgressions in Literature by Nicole Stephens for CMN238: Paperback Hero.


English Literature

Discuss the Impact of the Particulars of Landscape or Place in Formulating ‘National/Cultural’ Identity and Meaning in Australian Literature by Natalie Harman for EGL205: Imagined Homelands: An Exploration of Australian Literature.

Does Nature Writing Successfully Breach the Nature Culture Divide by Alayna Cole for EGL201 Reality Bites: An Exploration of Non-Fiction.

An Exploration of Gender in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet by Brianna Edwards for EGL120: The ‘English’ Tradition: An Introduction to Literary Studies.



How Does Human Geography Contribute to our Understanding of the Processes that have Shaped Australian Society? by Daniel Jean for GEO101: Introducing Human Geographies.



An analysis and reflection on the connections between the ANZAC legend and notions of Australian identity, as expressed in popular culture of the 20th and 21st centuries by Nadia Hancock for HIS100: What Makes Australia? A History of Australian Popular Culture.

A comparison of the role that ethnic nationalism has played in Rwandan and Sri Lankan conflicts by Madigan Paine for HIS240: Nationalism and Identity in the 20th Century: Themes and Tensions.

Australian responses to the outbreak of bubonic plague at the end of the nineteenth century by Emily Haynes for HIS225: Life and Death in the City.

Feminist Representations in Australian Film History by Gemma New for HIS290: Upfront: History of Film in Australia.

History is not written by the victors The case of the Iranian Revolution of 1979by Nicholas Allen for HIS201: The Uses and Abuses of History.

How the historical narrative approach shapes the interpretation of past events In the case of Israel and Palestine by Nicholas Allen for HIS300: HIS300 Questioning History: Explorations in the Thinking and Practice of History.

Indigenous representation in Australian film by Jon Hewitt for HIS290: History of Film in Australia.

Pioneering an Australian Children’s Film Genre in Bush Christmas by Kate Barker for HIS290: Upfront: A History of Australian Film.

The Cultural Capital of Play School Building a Multicultural Australia by Kate Barker for HIS100: History of Australian Popular Culture: The Twentieth Century and Beyond.

The effectiveness and reliability of three history sources and three migrant stories by Amy-Ann Nolan for HIS231: Migrants lives in the world.

The past is a foreign land Alexander Hephaestion and the love that dare not speak its nameby Jon Hewitt for HIS201: The Uses and Abuses of History.


Human Resource Management

Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender and Intersex Discrimination in Society and the Workplace by Jacqueline Burgess for HRM220: Managing Workplace Relations.



A Free Press National Security, Suppression Orders & Bolt by Sam Dickfos for CMN228: The Writer and the Law.

Press Freedom in Australiaby Nicole Hegarty for CMN228: The Writer and the Law.

Suppression Orders a Balance of Justice and Access to the Media by Mardi Mitchell for CRM228: The Writer and the Law.

The Tensions Surrounding Judicial Independence and The Separation of Powers In Queensland by Ryan Behrendorff for CMN228: The Writer and the Law.


Justice Studies

Does the Australian Migration Legislation Amendment (Regional Processing and Other Measures) Act 2012 Regarding Child Asylum-Seekers Conflict by Rebecca Lee Anderson for JST202: International Justice and Human Rights.



A Legal Submission to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission By Daniel Jean for LAW204: Contracts B

Reviewing Kennon [1997] FamCA 27 in Light of the Recent Focus on Domestic and Family Violence by Shelly Stone for LAW3305: Family Law.

Rule of Law by Kelly Eliot for LAW102: Foundations of Australian Law B.

What is the Rule of Law by Anthony Hunkin for LAW102: Foundations of Australian Law B.



A marketing report on the Dyson Pure Hot and Cool Link by Leslie Gugger for BUS105: Introduction to Marketing.

Brand Strategy Report Market Lane Coffee by Kitti Hunter for MKG322: Brand Management.

Marketing Communication Situational Analysis for Ark and Arrow by Danique Maas for MKG220: Marketing Communication

Marketing Communication Plan for The Lucky Charm Noosaville by Jessie Martin for MKG220: Marketing Communication

Marketing Communication Plan for Decisions Cafe by Cedar Noyes for MKG220: Marketing Communication

Detoxifying + Pomegranate and Ginger Shampoo A Marketing Analysis by Dakota Brown for BUS105: Introduction to Marketing

Consumer Insight Report Investigating Barriers To Donating Blood by Lexi Gugger for MKG210: Consumer Behaviour

Chanel Le Lift Smoothening and Firming Crème A Marketing Analysis by Maddison King for BUS105: Introduction to Marketing

Private Hospital Situational Analysis by Ebony Moore for MKG220: Marketing Communications.

The KitchenAid Artisan Mini Mixer by Kaleb Davis for BUS105: Introduction to Marketing.



A Structured Case Study of McDonalds Australia By Lenny Cooper for BUS104: Management and Organisational Behaviour.

Contemplations For The Modern Business by Aaron Brown for BUS104: Management and Organisational Behaviour.


Media Studies

Sex and Aging in Netflixs Grace and Frankie: A Challenge to Dominant Discourse By Amanda Fiedler for CMN300: Television: Advanced Concepts and Contemporary Issues

Twitter as an Instigator and Arena of Counter-Hegemonic Discourse By Kellie Purcill for CMN104: Introduction to Media & Communications Industries.

Queer Feminist and Celebrity Commodity A Critical Analysis of Lady Gaga by Fabienne Agostino for CMN105: Introduction to Film and Television Studies.



United Nations Security Council Simulation Submission Representing the United Kingdom by Anthony Millroy for INT100: International Politics: An Australian Perspective.

Why did Donald Trump Win the 2016 US Presidential Election by Shaye Yuill for INT245: Politics of the USA.



Denial of Racism in Australia by Jon Hewitt for SCS290: Understanding Cultural Diversity.

How are Neoliberal Ideas Transforming State Responsibility by Corin Seric for SCS235: Social Justice, Welfare and the State.

Locality in a Global Era The Schlosberg Model of Environmental Justice and Island Mining by Brett Huyton for SCS211: Environmental Justice.

Social Movements by Samuel Eklom for SCS110: Introduction to Sociology Society, Culture and Change.