Submissions and Selection Criteria


Papers should be submitted in Microsoft Word documents.


  • Times New Roman
  • 12pt
  • 15 line spacing
  • No indenting of paragraphs
  • One blank line between paragraphs
  • No space before or after paragraphs
  • Justified paragraph alignment
  • 54cm margins

Headers and footers:

  • Single page number in footer: right alignment, Times New Roman, 11pt
  • No other information in headers and footers


  • 16pt, bold
  • Include author’s name and the relevant course code in 12pt directly beneath the title of the paper


Title of Paper

By Jane Doe for EXA100: Example Course Titles in Practice


Headings and sub-headings:

  • Headings: 14pt, bold
  • Subheadings: 12pt, bold


Word count should be between 1,000 and 3,500 words. This does not include the reference list or in-text citations, but does include appendices. If your paper exceeds this length and you believe it worthy of submission, please email the Chief Editor with a description of the paper and why you believe it should be published.



  • USC Harvard (see USC Library for a USC Harvard quick reference guide)
  • Exceptions can be made if you are in a discipline with a standard referencing style (e.g. law, psychology)


How to Submit

Papers from all disciplines and fields in the Faculty of Arts and Business, except creative works, and including Law are warmly welcomed. Please keep checking back as creative works may be included in the future.

Please email all submissions as Microsoft Word attachments following the above style guide to with the topic ‘Paper Submission’.


Selection Criteria

Submissions should have achieved at least an HD (85%) grade and have been submitted through Safeassign before being sent to us. Please indicate in the submission email if papers have not been given at least this grade, and if they have not been submitted previously through Safeassign as part of a course at USC.


Papers for publication are selected based upon the analysis, the readability of the paper, knowledge of the topic being explored, insight and general excellence of the paper. Consideration is also given as to whether the content explores a topical, interesting or un-explored issue.


All papers go through a double blind editing process. We aim to publish up to 10 papers per issue. If we receive more than 10 papers for one issue, then a vote is taken by the co-managing partners and editors as to which papers are published. Preference is given to authors who have not been published in USCJAB before.


By submitting to USCJAB the author of the submission is giving permission to USCJAB to put their work through an editing process and publish their work on the journal’s website. All work remains the intellectual property of the author. Furthermore, by submitting an article the author is declaring that the submission is their own work and has not been plagiarised.